Return Policy

Cancellation of a Transaction and Product Return Policy


  • The provisions of this Clause are subject to the Israeli Consumer Protection Act 5741-1981 (hereinafter: the “Act” or the "Law") and applies only to Israeli consumers.
  • The right to cancel a transaction is only available to the Customer who made the purchase (even if the Customer ordered the Product for another person and/or another person is the recipient of the shipment).
  • In addition to section h below, only a Customer who has executed a transaction to purchase a Product through the Website will be entitled to cancel the transaction, from the date the transaction is made, and up to 14 (fourteen) days from the later of (i) the date of receipt of the Product or (ii) such date as prescribed by the Act. This does not apply to Products that were not sold by the Company to the Customer via the Website.
  • A person with disabilities, a veteran or senior citizen, and a new immigrant (as defined in the Act) who executed a transaction on the Website, will be entitled to cancel the transaction within four months from the date the transaction is made, from the date of receipt of the Product, all subject to an in accordance with the Act, provided however that the execution of the transaction included a conversation between such customer and the Company, including via electronic communications, identifying the Customer as falling within one of the above categories.
  • We will be entitled to ask the Customer for a certificate, as specified in the Act, which proves that he or she is a person with disabilities, a veteran citizen, or a new immigrant, as applicable.



  • A Customer who has the right to cancel a transaction according to these Terms and Conditions, will be able to do so by providing a notice of cancellation to the Company in any of the following manners, and in accordance with the methods of communication set forth below (hereinafter: a “Cancellation Notice”):
    • Orally – through the Company’s customer service department, over the phone: 03-5074144; or
    • By e-mail to:;
    • The Cancellation Notice must include the Customer’s name and ID number as well as the order number. Specifying the Customer’s mobile phone number and attaching an invoice / receipt to identify the transaction and its amount –though not mandatory – may help the Company to locate the relevant transaction.
  • You may return any unused Product within 14 days from Your actual receipt of the respective Product to address Shimon Rokach 22, Tel Aviv, unless a longer or different time frame is prescribed by the Act to certain groups or individuals (“Return Period”), for a full refund of the price of the product (provided it is in a new in an unused condition). This Return Period does not apply to Gift Vouchers. You can return your Products via your chosen method i.e. by an external courier agency, subject to the policy of the said courier company, as updated from time to time. Postage must be paid by the sender and will not be refunded by the Company. The returned Products have to be sent back to us immediately and no later than fourteen days after the date on which you have notified us of the cancellation of Your Contract (or any part thereof).



  • In the event you have sent us a Cancellation Notice notifying us of a cancellation of the transaction, We will refund You, all payments that we have received from You relating to the cancelled and returned Product(s), excluding shipping costs, within 14 days, effective the day that we have received your Cancellation Notice.
  • The payment method which was used to make the transaction will also be used for the refund unless we have explicitly agreed to something else.
  • We reserve the right to withhold the refund until we have received the returned Product
  • Any refund given by the Company for cancelling a transaction will only be transferred to the credit card with which the cancelled transaction was originally executed, and in accordance with the credit card company’s timeline.
  • In the event of cancellation of a transaction executed for a discount / with any benefit, the amount refunded to the Customer will be the amount actually paid after the discount or benefit. In case of a return, customs duties, import sales taxes and DHL/air courier handling charges, will not be refunded.
  • Your right to cancel a transaction does not derogate from our right to claim for damages in the event of cancellation of a transaction and/or return of Products, if the Company discovers that their value has decreased, including as a result of deterioration or change in their condition at the time they were in the Customer’s possession.